17 Nisan 2012 Salı


This was how things like in April, 17 1990  on the day I was born
Grace Coddington was just newly 49.
Emma Watson was only 2 days old.
Victora Beckham's mom was singing ''Happy Birthday''.
Anna dello Russo was talking with her friends about how everything was gorgeous on her 28th b-day party.
There was only 2 more days for 3rd episode of  ''Twin Peaks'' season 1.
There was NO Justin Bieber and NO Chloe Grace Moretz.
Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz still hadn't filmed any projects.
Lana del Rey only imitating Madonna just in front of the mirror.
There was still Soviet Union.
Still 9 years 8 months for Millenium.

#1 Song on Billboard HOT 100
Tommy Page // I'll Be Your Everything
#1 Album on Billboard TOP 200
Bonnie Raitt // Nick of Time
#1 Song on UK TOP 40
Madonna // Vogue

#1 on American Box Office
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
American Vogue April 1990
Christy Turlington by Patric Demarchelier
British Vogue April 1990
Tatjana Patitz by Patric Demarchelier
Playboy April
Meryl Streep in 1990
1990 FIFA World Cup Italy Logo
1990 Eurovision Song Contest // Yugoslavia
How people smiling on Beverly Hills 90210
Ocean, Beach and NAKED Kate Moss (no change in 22 years)
by Corrine Day for The Face
and yes

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  1. Mutlu yıllar! 1990 güzel bir yıldı, evet:) Tatjana Patitz'in hastasıyım:)

  2. teşekkür ederim :) oh ne güzel sana da yaradı post o halde :P ben kendisini bu postu yapayım derken tanıdım.